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Why You Should Lose that Belly Fat


Admit it, that beer belly on you didn’t just happen overnight. It’s a result of your lifestyle, habits, and even your genes that contributed to it. And it’s not a laughing matter either—carrying that extra weight on your belly can be risky.

Overweight and obesity is a result of complex interactions of genetic, behavioral, and environmental factors. While there are hundreds of weight-loss strategies, diets, and programs available anywhere, effective weight loss and maintenance have yet to be achieved. And at Legacy Men’s Health, we believe that weight loss isn’t just for women, it’s beneficial for men too.

We listed some of the benefits of weight loss from our men’s clinic in Maitland, Florida.

  • Decrease in knee, back, and breathing problems
    As you age, knee, back, and breathing problems arise. These problems are even aggravated by being overweight. Our men’s health clinic can help you manage chronic back pain with medical weight loss and make sure that they see results with the effort they put in.
  • Spend less on medications
    The fat around your belly is risky and can develop into metabolic problems like high blood sugar and cholesterol levels as well as high blood pressure and more. These metabolic syndromes can turn into diabetes and hypertension if left untreated.
  • Sex life improves
    Being overweight reduces testosterone levels and may lead to erectile dysfunction which often leaves men feeling depressed and unable to satisfy their partners. But it can be reversed by losing weight—testosterone level can return to normal and irritability and fatigue will diminish.

Visit our clinic in Florida or give us a call to know more about medical weight loss for men.

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