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The No-Drug Approach to Erectile Dysfunction

The No-Drug Approach to Erectile Dysfunction

A men’s health clinic can offer an array of treatments for different medical or health conditions associated with men’s overall wellness. One of these treatment programs can be the no-drug approach.

Erectile dysfunction, one of the more common health issues in men, may be dealt with using the no-drug approach. This condition is often caused by a combination of emotional and physical issues. It makes intercourse difficult, resulting in a lower sex drive and desire. In the long run, if erectile dysfunction is untreated, anxiety and depression may surface.

Drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction are the standard solution for most men, but they, too, have negative effects. Over-reliance on these drugs can even only complicate a man’s libido. Hence, pills and drugs don’t necessarily have to be your first or only choice. Our men’s health clinic in Florida keenly evaluates every client first to know what approach to take. If the erectile dysfunction is not caused by other health issues that may be more serious, lifestyle changes are the best way to go. These lifestyle changes or the no-drug approach can have an immediate and long-lasting impact on managing erectile dysfunction and should be the first course of action before trying out any medication.

The lifestyle changes are simple but require effort and consistency. They are the following:

  • Doing more aerobic exercise
  • Performing Kegels
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Trying out the Mediterranean or other healthy diet

The incorporation of these health practices can definitely help you manage your erectile dysfunction or your risks to it. For more information, call Legacy Men’s Health today! We are a men’s clinic in Maitland, Florida, and might be the answer you’re looking for.

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