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Kegel Exercises Are Not for Women Only

Kegel Exercises Are Not for Women Only

Kegel exercises are performed, usually by women, to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. But men can also have issues with these muscles which can then cause bowel trouble, urinary leakage, and erection problems.

Men who visit our clinic in Florida and complain about erection problems oftentimes report discomfort that is felt around the pelvic area. The pelvic floor is made up of thin layers of muscle and other tissues that stretch like a sling from the pubic bone to the tailbone. Its function is to support the abdomen, bladder, and colon while helping maintain control over urination and bowel movements. In men, these muscles are also activated during an erection, orgasm, and ejaculation.

While a men’s health clinic will prescribe drugs for your condition, performing Kegel exercises may also be suggested by some. Weakness or tightness in the pelvic muscles can lead to many health problems in the bladder and colon. It can also cause lower back pains during or after sexual intercourse.

Kegel exercises can be performed while lying down, standing up, or seated. A standard routine consists of a set amount of hold time followed by adequate rest time between repetitions. Of course, prior consultation with your doctor must be done to make sure that there are no other medical issues related to your symptoms, like prostate problems or urinary tract infections. You may want to consult our men’s clinic in Maitland, Florida first.

In general, Kegels can help with men’s overall health. They may even help treat common sexual problems in older men. A research study shows that Kegels helped men who battled premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow to the penis!

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